Clothing repair service

At R-Collection, we want to create clothes that last. We design and produce clothes that can be washed, maintained and repaired. The longer the product lasts, the better. We don't want to create disposable garments, but garments that are as durable as possible, in terms of design, materials and construction.

We want to offer our customers an easy way to customise or repair our products. We work with the Finnish Menddie clothing and accessories service, Menddie. Menddie makes it quick and easy to access quality repair services - order your repair online and post it to your nearest post office. Your repaired item will be shipped to your address on the promised schedule.


By repairing or altering your garment, you will significantly extend the life of your garment. By using your garment just one year longer, you can reduce its carbon footprint by up to 24% (Eco-Age). The Menddie platform's sewing mills, shoemakers and garment care professionals are carefully selected: you can always count on a quality result.

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