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R-Collection is a Finnish family business and a leisure wear clothing brand founded in 1978. R-Collection lives and breathes a sporty and relaxed lifestyle. R-Collection is located in Kajaani, Northern Finland. Back in the early 80´s the brand created an iconic piece, the Anorak jacket that has stayed pretty much the same since its creation, due to its contemporary design. Today R-Collection combines timeless classics with each season’s relevant styles together with its crown jewel the Anorak collection. The focus of the collection is on top-notch materials, functionality and durability.

Ensuring the high standards for customers, majority of the production is based in Finland. The quality speaks for itself as the local people who manufacture them always put the functionality of each piece to the test. R-Collection is one of the few domestic clothing manufacturers that have survived through the tumultuous changes in the industry.

Following the trend of the 70’s, a time ruled by rock’n’roll and jeans, Pekka and Marjo Saastamoinen sold clothes onboard a bus circulating marketplaces. At that time the selection consisted of military surplus goods, sweaters and of course - jeans. Business flourished, customers grew keen and the Saastamoinen family’s passion for clothing deepened. It was time to start designing and manufacturing clothes of their own. Collection of Rockville, today R-Collection, had seen daylight.

Pekka Saastamoinen knew he had hit a goldmine when he added silk screening to their original design. No compromises were made when getting the best of the best equipment. During the first years of business the selection of R-Collection grew. Finally in 1982 the classic Anorak was introduced and at the same time first R-Collection store opened in Helsinki. The family business of R-Collection was in great upswing during the 80’s and 90’s as new stores opened in several cities.

The second boom of R-Collection is now in the 2020’s when Pekka and Marjo Saastamoinen have handed over the business to their descendants. Their children have been a part of the company’s story from the very beginning. Pekka’s and Marjo’s son Olli maintains and renews R-Collection in both domestic and international markets together with CEO Lilli Norio.

“From the very beginning we had a vision of what useful clothing is like and we knew what feels good. That was something that did not exist at the time and we wanted to make it right”, says Pekka Saastamoinen.


R-Collection’s classical anorak jacket was created in 1982 and was one of R-Collection’s first and most popular products. Anorak was quickly called the national costume of Kainuu, as it was very popular among the people. The design has been refined over the years to suit the current style, but the basic principle has remained the same for all years.


Anorak is made of 100% organic cotton twill that is weaved in Türkiye. The jacket doesn’t have a lining and since 2002 it has been treated with Aquatx coating. Aquatx coating makes the fabric wind, dirt and water repellent. Anorak colors always change according to the season’s trends so normally there are several colors where to choose from. There are four very different seasons in Finland and anorak is suitable for year-round use. You can only pair the anorak with a t-shirt or even with a light down jacket depending on the weather and the season. In addition to the traditional anorak, the classic collection has for a long time included a zipper anorak and the latest newcomer is the popular maxi anorak. Still, many people think the classic anorak is the only right one.

What if you could slow things down?

In an increasingly hectic world, days seem to just speed by. Experiences have become momentary, consumption involuntary. The urgency of modern life and throwaway consumerism has created an unsustainable balance for both the mind and the environment.

But what if we could turn things around? What if there’s a way to focus on what matters and choose only the essentials that last?

R-Collection is a slow-fashion design house that stands for a timeless, sustainable, and egalitarian lifestyle. We offer slow wear against fast fashion. Our quietly stylish and high-quality garments are ageless, fit every gender and generation, and stand the test of time. They form the elegantly simple yet multifunctional foundation of any wardrobe – only the clothes you truly want and truly need.

With a close team of friends in the heart of Kajaani, we design and make our garments with time and care, and by enjoying every moment to the fullest. By using a local supply chain, we respect our natural Finnish roots, our planet, and her people. Our team has an unwavering motto: we’d rather quit than become irresponsible.

At R-Collection, we believe that life isn’t a race to the finish line. Nor is it a shopping cart filled with expendable items. It’s about appreciating the journey and slowing down where it matters. It’s about wearing what you love and what loves you back.

Slowly does it.

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