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Request for quotation

You may send your request for quotation for a custom print or embroidery job to us by email at

We need the following information for the quotation:
-    product(s) and size(s)
-    The chosen color of the product(s)
-    The quantity, size and location of prints and or embroidery desired
-    The quantity of colors desired for the print(s)/embroidery
-    Attach picture of the desired print/embroidery
-    Contact information, a phone number is a must.

More instructions for a print or embroidery job and design here.

Orders, logos, sketches, requests etc:

Larger number of products price quotation:

The order may include several products, various designs and multiple colors. The price and volume discount is based on the number of the products. The discount is calculated from our regular unit price.

Please use e-mail, phone or write for a price quotation.

Discount rates
11-29 products  - 20%                                                                  
30-100 products - 30%
101- products - 40%


The prices of the R-Collection products include a print. The maximum size is A4 if the order is at least 20 pieces.  The print job includes one change of color per order for free. This doesn’t apply to prints made on products of other brands.

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