VIMMA X R-COLLECTION Giant Sack, white

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VIMMA X R-COLLECTION collaboration

VIMMA x R-Collection collaboration is a novel and great collection which is bravely playing with spring colors and prints. The purpose of this new collaboration is to create fresh and honest, distinguishable and personal boost to the field of Finnish design. We bring the encouraging message of less irresponsible production. The collection is an ode to the alliance of new and traditional where opposites create a uniform and harmonic composition. This collection includes the bestsellers and favorites of VIMMA and R-Collection. These products can be used to make a strong self-expression, empowering personality and play where we would like to invite you - regardless of age and sex. The collection is inspired by the nature of Lapland and the patterns and prints are designed by Linda Linko, a talented professional of art and design.

VIMMA x R-Collection products are made in Finland and Estonia. They are available in 25th of March 2022 in VIMMA and R-Collection web shops and stores. Please note that this is a special batch so the availability is limited.

A giant bag that can hold everything and the impossible.

The Giant sack carries both bedding and laundry. All week shopping or long travel dress needs. The bag is s personal eye-catcher. An oversized work bag and every household rescue bag. Would this be a replacement for the classic Ikea bag, what you can't do without.

All Vimma products are designed in Finland and manufactured with love nearby in Vimma's factories in Tallinn.

Material and care

  • 100% cotton

Product measures

8553one size

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