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Double layer cloth face cover by R-Collection, 100% cotton. Secure by pulling the elastic bands behind your ears. This model has a button hole on top so you can use a nose clip. Reusable after washing. Machine wash in 90 degrees. The cloth face cover does not meet the standard for surgical masks and therefore is for private people only. May shrink 2-4%. The cloth face cover is a personal hygiene product and therefore has no right of exchange or return. Machine wash in 90° before first use and after every use. Wash dark colours separately. Iron in 150 degrees. Do not iron the rubberband. Do not put the nose clip to the washing machine. Made in Finland and Estonia or Latvia; design, models and cutting in Finland, sewing in Estonia or Latvia. Please note: - The cloth face cover is not a surgical mask and is not guaranteed to protect you from the coronavirus. If you need to protect yourself from the virus, use the right cover. - It is recommended to use the face cover to protect others in public places. The face cover may help slow the spread of the virus and prevent people who may have the virus and do not know it from transmitting it to others. There is no scientific proof about this yet. - Wash your hands before you put the face cover on and avoid touching it while you wear it. - Remove the face cover by the elastic bands and put it straight into a plastic bag or a washing machine. - Wash your hands and wash the face cover after every use. it is not recommended to remove the face cover for eating and put it back on after, but instead remove the face cover before eating and put on a new unworn one after. - Make sure you can breathe well when you wear the face cover. Symptoms of cardiovascular disease, asthma, or COPD can be a barrier to using a cloth face cover. - Please note that a humid or wet face cover may let microbes through better than a dry face cover and may help the virus to spread so make sure to change the face cover frequently. - Cloth Face Cover is a personal hygiene product, therefore there is no possibility to exchange or return the cloth face cover.

  • 100% cotton
  • 100% cotton

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