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Design and production

"Design often kicks off from the material. Usually I have a bunch of fabrics, pictures and drawings that I use to ensemble a design", says Lilli Norio who is the head designer of R-Collection.

Classical and plain shapes guarantee that R-Collection's garments suit both casual and fine events. The finishing touches as well as tailoring of the sample garments is done in Kajaani. For production the ready cut pieces of fabrics are sent to Estonia for sewing. From beginning to end everything is done with passion and proficiency.

R-Collection's best known piece of clothing, the anorak, is used as the basis for all clothing. Timeless design attracts customers to wear their garments now and after years have passed.


R-Collection's design trusts in the strength and durability of natural materials. Sustainability is vital and all garments are thoroughly tested before they are sent off to production.

The quality standards of R-Collection guarantees that all clothes maintain their color, are durable and easy to maintain. Fabrics chosen with years of experience can be seen one collection after another.

While maintaining the old traditions R-Collection also has a hunger for inventions. Seasonal collection often include for example wool and silk combined with other fabrics. The principle is to use natural textiles.

High quality fabrics are often found abroad and majority of R-Collection's material is ordered from Europe. But the Finnish knowhow is also used: for years R-Collection has made its college and tricot clothes from a local Finnish textile.


Following the trend of the 70's, a time ruled by rock'n'roll and jeans, Pekka and Marjo Saastamoinen sold clothes onboard a bus circulating marketplaces. At that time the selection consisted of military surplus goods, sweaters and of course - jeans. Business flourished, customers grew keen and the Saastamoinens' passion for clothing deepened. It was time to start designing and manufacturing clothes of their own.

Collection of Rockville

Collection of Rockville, today R-Collection, had seen daylight. Pekka Saastamoinen knew he had hit a goldmine when he added silk screening to their original design. No compromises were made when getting the best of the best equipment.

During the first years of business the selection of R-Collection grew. Finally in 1982 the classic anorak was introduced and at the same time first R-Collection store opened in Helsinki.

"From the very beginning we had a vision of what useful clothing is like and we knew what feels good. That was something that did not exist at the time and we wanted to make it right", says Pekka Saastamoinen.

Family business

The family business of R-Collection was in great upswing during the 80's and 90's as new stores opened in several cities. R-Collection second boom is now in the 2010's when Pekka and Marjo Saastamoinen hand over the business to their descendants. Their children have been a part of the company's story from the very beginning.

"R-Collection has always been a part of my life. We have worked on this together as a family and with relatives, anywhere and everywhere. I want to cherish this tradition", says Olli Saastamoinen, son of Pekka Saastamoinen.

Together with head designer Lilli Norio he upholds and renews R-Collection both in domestic and international markets.

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